Who We Are

Cannabis Oil Tech - Who We Are

Cannabis Oil Tech is a division of Maratek Environmental Inc., an award winning high-tech manufacturer of solvent recycling/recovery equipment who exports worldwide.

With a unique portfolio of innovative products and services,we strive to assist our clients in meeting the ever tightening environmental compliance legislation - while reducing costs and saving money.

Maratek's team of engineers & fabricators allows them to manufacture all their equipment in-house, giving them higher standards than competitors.  Our off-the-shelf equipment designer specifically for the cannabis market removes the cannabis oil form ethanol or other solvents.  Our custom equipment division allows us to make unique/one-off equipment which will yield the exact results & end-product our clients are looking for, it also allows us to use the latest in processes & materials.

All Maratek/Cannabis Oil Tech Equipment is Metlab Certified for UL2208, UL698A and NFPA496 requiremets, as well as Class 1 Div 1 Group D explosion proof.

We are also CSA certified for being intrinsically safe and non-incendive for hazardous locations.

We are one of the only solvent equipment manufacturers to hold these certifications so always ask to see a copy of the certifications.